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Network Design & Implementation

VVDA offers a wide variety of design and installation services to businesses of all size. Using data captured during an assessment, VVDA will plan and/or reengineer complex communication architectures, and form designs through implementation. It can be tailored to simple office LANs or complex heterogeneous network architectures spanning departments, campuses, and regions. Network Design and Implementation services are used to plan, design, build, and integrate a network infrastructure that increases productivity and helps to achieve strategic business goals. A key feature of this component is sensitivity to the impact of network architecture changes on users and the client’s business. The Network Design and Implementation service incorporates several processes, including architecture, network design, reengineering, and implementation of but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Windows Server implementation
  • Microsoft Exchange Server implementation
  • Linux Server implementation
  • Firewalls and VPNs implementation
  • Cisco routers configuration

 Our team of computer network consultants handle the pressures of establishing or troubleshooting a ‘mission’ critical data link for your event or ongoing business needs to improve responsiveness to network and service issues in order to guarantee the customer experience.

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