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Network Design & Implementation

VVDA offers a wide variety of design and installation services to businesses of all size. Using data captured during an assessment, VVDA will plan and/or reengineer complex communication architectures, and form designs through implementation. It can be tailored to simple office LANs or complex heterogeneous network architectures spanning departments, campuses, and regions. Network Design and Implementation services are used to plan, design, build, and integrate a network infrastructure that increases productivity and helps to achieve strategic business goals. A key feature of this component is sensitivity to the impact of network architecture changes on users and the client’s business. The Network Design and Implementation service incorporates several processes, including architecture, network design, reengineering, and implementation of but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Windows Server implementation
  • Microsoft Exchange Server implementation
  • Linux Server implementation
  • Firewalls and VPNs implementation
  • Cisco routers configuration

 Our team of computer network consultants handle the pressures of establishing or troubleshooting a ‘mission’ critical data link for your event or ongoing business needs to improve responsiveness to network and service issues in order to guarantee the customer experience.

IT & Date Center Relocation

VVDA will manage a smooth relocation with minimal disruption of business, including IT service and voice communication poses a major challenge. We fully understand that most businesses can’t afford any downtime and all transitions should be seamless. With years of experience and a high level of expertise in telecommunications and IT consulting, VVDA will ensure a seamless, stress-free move to your new location. Whether you are relocating your offices across the street or to another state, VVDA will assist you with every detail.

Our process begins with a thorough needs and site assessment to determine utilization and installation of current systems along with an analysis of technologies and equipment required at the new location. Once the needs analysis is completed, we provide you with budgets and vendor evaluations. Because we are unbiased, you are assured of getting recommendations that are always in your best interest. The next step involves ordering systems and equipment, planning design, and implementation. All of the front-end work is done with a meticulous attention to detail to keep expenses in line and stay on schedule.

IT Infrastructure Relocation Management and Coordination for:

  • Phones
  • Server/network equipment
  • Desktop computers/workstations and monitors
  • Manage cut sheet
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Security equipment
  • Videoconferencing
  • Wireless
  • Cellular antenna repeaters
  • UPS
  • Fax machines
  • Printers/copiers
  • Keyboard, video, monitor (KVM)
  • Structured Cabling
    • VVDA’s structured cabling services encompass design and installation including compliance testing to Structured Cabling. We ensure long-term performance, system integrity and investment protection. Our experienced and certified technicians know that the structured cabling system is the essential backbone of a telecommunications network, and is therefore critical to business operations. With our comprehensive, proven system of methodologies, we will provide the hassle-free and trusted service that you expect for structured cabling systems.
      • Inside, End Point, Data Center Cabling
      • Outside, Campus Cabling
      • Rack and Cabinet Layout, Design, Installation
      • Pathway Solution Design, Installation
      • Fiber Optic Design, Installation, Testing
      • Copper Design, Installation, Testing
      • Pre-terminated and Field Terminated Solutions
      • Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A UTP & STP
      • Construction, As-built Floor Plans, Labeling
  • Physical Access Control
    • VVDA uses best-of-breed access control technologies to secure your people and your property. Our dedicated security technicians have extensive experience in the access control industry, designing, installing, and maintaining a broad range of solutions with credentials ranging from simple magnetic strips to the latest smart cards and biometric devices.
    • VVDA will develop the access control solutions you need with the technology that works for you. Including door access systems based on RFID, biometrics, key cards, PINs, or any other technology that fits your business and monitoring needs.
    • With our high-quality systems, you can expect high-level performance and continuous innovation. We reduce the burden of managing your access control system through our complete suite of global services
    • Access Control Services includes the design, installation, and support of your access control system.
  • Telecommunications
    • VVDA has built up a solid foundation of expertise in state of the art and legacy voice communications technologies from PBX to the latest in Voice Over IP. VVDA will guide you through the maze of choices that are available to you today. We’ll lay out a plan to handle immediate issues with your current voice communications system, and we’ll build a road-map that will take you to the next level so that your organization is fully prepared to handle future growth and expansion. Because VVDA is an unbiased consultant, we’ll provide an objective analysis of your options, help you make the right choices, and assist you in negotiating favorable pricing.
  • Legacy Phone System Support
  • Strategic Planning — Short, medium and long-range planning for systems platforms, network requirements, budgets, timelines, return on investment.
  • PBX Design, Recommendation and Implementation — Objective needs analysis, budget preparation, calculation of return on investment, RFP specifications, successful system implementation.
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) — Design and implementation of enterprise networks and on premise equipment.
  • Call Center Consulting — Manage revenue objectives, effective flow design to maximize customer satisfaction efficiently and economically, call center technologies.
  • Technology Infrastructure Consulting — Data and telecommunications infrastructure design and installation.
  • WAN Network Design — Efficient, economical, and disaster resilient network design for single to multi-office national and global networks; includes local, long distance, Internet, point-to-point and virtual private networks (VPN).
  • Phone System Relocation—PBX moves, cabling requirements, server room/data center moves, floor plans, as-built drawings, telephone company orders, Internet/WAN requirements, project management, budget creation and tracking.
  • Telecommunications Management — Voice communication management services on a contract basis.
  • Audio Visual
    • At VVDA we take the same approach with our Audiovisual practice that we do with all our offerings. It begins with defining requirements and develops into an iterative and interactive process that combines needs, technologies and budgetary parameters to form a custom fit technical solution.
      • AV Consulting: Current technology assessment – Workflow evaluation – Technology strategy – Project scope
      • AV Engineering: Design build | CAD – Infrastructure specification – System commissioning – Project closeout
      • Acoustical Design: Sound masking – Distributed audio – Sound absorbing wall, ceiling and floor treatments
      • AV Lab: Receive products & test equipment – Build and wire racks – Program & test system – Deliver to site and connect
      • AV Programming: Beautiful & functional touch panel design – Crestron & AMX certified – Programming – DSP & device configuration
      • Delivery and Installation: Installation – AV Laboratory | Rack build – Remote installation – Safety
      • Project Management: Coordinate milestone schedule – Infrastructure coordination – Integration of furniture, interior architecture, and audiovisual technology
      • Support Services: Training and documentation – AV Service Desk – AV support plans – AV managed onsite staffing
      • Managed Services: Remote monitoring of equipment – Software updates – Concierge video experience
  • Build-out and Facility Management Services
    • Digital Signage, VTC/AV Deployment
  • Home Automation

Home automation is the convergence of technology and convenience, allowing the digital devices that you use every day—TVs, audio equipment, lights, security panels, thermostats, and so on—to work together. VVDA is with you every step of the way. We ensure that the smart solutions we specify and install perfectly complement your home, office or leisure space. “

Smart Home Uses-

  • Temperature Control
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Sprinklers
  • Appliances
  • CCTV


  • Automatic Functions
  • Remote Control
  • Programmable thermostats 
  • Light bulbs
  • Off-site control
  • Dimmers
  • Motion sensors
  • Timers
  • Cameras
  • Silent and audible


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